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Natasha started dancing at the age of 15. She studied various disciplines of dance ranging from ballet to hiphop. In 2010, Natasha attended George Brown College where she earned a certificate in Commercial Dance Studies. The following year, Natasha moved out to California where she attended the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. After finishing her year in California, Natasha auditioned and got accepted to go on three different Young Americans Music Outreach Tours. She had the privilege to travel throughout Eastern Europe, Japan and the USA teaching music outreach workshops for kids. After travelling for about three years, Natasha moved back to Toronto where she started working for a mobile company called In the Mix, teaching  hiphop and yoga programs. In 2016, Natasha became a certified yoga instructor and about a year ago, Natasha started teaching her own classes catering to adults because she missed interacting with an older audience and wanted to challenge herself not only physically but mentally as well. Natasha is always looking for a new challenge and is excited to be apart of Valid Fitness!

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